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Paid Bar hire or free bar?

When organising any event budget is always at the heart of it. It would of course be amazing if guests had unlimited free drink during your wedding or event but for many couples providing an arrival drink, toast drink and a glass of wine with a meal is the limited, and this is certainly generous.

The great thing about pop up bars, is they can fit in any space from, stately home, barn to marquee or field, we take care of the licensing to sell drink to your guests, supply the staff and keep your event clear from glasses. Hiring a bar mobile bar for your event takes the stress out of worrying about what to buy and provides a range of drinks and cocktails for your guests to choose from.

Most mobile event bars will have a minimum spend and deposit which is returned once that spend is met so there is no cost to you in having one. We stock a good range of drinks and offer personalised cocktails for the couple. So tell us your favourite tipple and we will whip that up!

If you do want to offer a free bar to guests, you can either put an amount behind the bar so we offer drinks until we reach that amount and then switch to a paid bar or if you would like to supply all the drinks then we do have the option to supply dry bar hire only with bar structure and staff to pour your drinks.

Whichever option you decide we look forward to seeing you at your next event.

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