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Picking your perfect event bar

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

So the difference between a regular bar and and event bar is it needs to be mobile. Depending where your event is being held will dictate what space you have and what style of bar will fit.

If you are having a barn wedding for example there maybe a limited space outside and guests won't want to walk too far away from the entertainment, so an indoor mobile bar may work better.

In a stately home setting or for events with smaller numbers you may want a smaller cocktail bar so it fits with the style of the venue.

If you have lots of outside space because you are having a marquee wedding then a quirky vehicle style bar may add a feature to your event and add to your event theme.

Mobile bar companies will also be able to apply for your temporary events notice for you so guests can buy their own drinks. So another thing to consider is price of drinks. When setting our prices at Bold and Beautiful Bars we wanted to be at the lower end of pub prices so guests don't feel they are being over charged for drinks.

There are other things to consider as well, for example are you going for a zero waste wedding, and as bars generate a lot of waste it maybe best to check how the supplier deals with this.

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